The Great Race 2018

Video by Peter Brown

The Great Race 2018 - RESULTS

• 120 started

• 108 finished

Peter & Ford finished 27th

(In Sportsman Class of 89, they scored 13th)  

June 27 email message from Peter Brown. Noise gone having replaced a scores piston last night.

Today luck (and Ford’s navigating skills with stop watch) was with us. Terribly rough roads yet with 12 competitive “legs”, we scored perfect “0”s on five!!  Maybe some sort of record, we hope!!

Susan drives tomorrow as I’m working at Seal Cove. A shorter day, intentionally so everyone can take the time to relax on the Loop Road and Cadillac Mt..  I fear they’ll be wet...

Yesterday cars had the option of climbing mt Washington.  A 55 Buick wagon lost brakes and nearly rolled, wiping all the side chrome off. A Mustang following had a go pro camera running and caught it all!!  The Buick and occupants were saving due to the mustang cutting the car off!!!!  The guy swerved  in front and stopped the runaway huge car!!!!  Video of it all is breathtaking!!!!


Video by Bob Stanley

57 without overdrive. In VT. - 6/25/18

Monday‎, ‎June‎ ‎25‎ (email sent) Last night Peter had a big crowd working until midnight outside in the pouring rain to drop pan, etc looking for the source of a disturbing noise we are getting from deep in the engine when it is under load and at high speeds. Pieces of cotter pin and babbet were in the pan...removed some shims from center main bearing. We will see how it sounds today. More hills ahead of us today and tomorrow ( incl Mt Washington)

Leaving Troy NY today for VT.

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