Approved by vote of members
September 9, 2017

Pine Tree Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America
Member of Model A Restorers Club

A Maine Non-Profit Limited Liability Club

Article 1 -- Name
The name of this organization shall be The Pine Tree Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America, LLC.

Article II -- Purpose
Section 1. The purpose of this club is to serve as a medium for exchange of ideas, information, and parts, for admirers of the Model A Ford and to aid them in their efforts to restore and preserve the car into its original likeness.

Section 2. To unite as a club, owners of Model A Fords who are interested in restoring and maintaining the automobile and to promote club sponsored activities that encourage the use of the Model A.

Article III -- Membership
Section 1. Shall consist of all members in good standing.

Section 2. The requirement for joining shall not insist upon actual possession of a Model A, merely an interest in Model As and the Club.

Section 3. (a.) Annual dues per household shall be $20.00 payable at or before the Annual Meeting (Article IV, Section 2 below).
                   (b.) Dues may be raised by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present, previous notice having been given.
                   (c.) Membership non-payment: will be notified by the Treasurer ninety (90) days after the Annual Meeting with a reminder that dues must be paid to maintain membership.  If dues have not been paid for one (1) year the Treasurer will send an email (or letter if email is not available) encouraging continued membership but notifying the member that they will be dropped from the roster if dues are not made current within sixty (60) days.
                   (d.) A new member joining after January 31 shall pay half the regular dues.  For such new members, dues for the next year may be paid at time of joining (i.e., a total of 1 and 1/2 (1.5) years).

Article IV -- Meetings
Section 1. (a.) Regular meetings shall be held on the second Saturday of each month, beginning at 9:00 AM, except the month of the Annual Meeting (Section 2 below).
                   (b.) The quorum shall be two (2) officers and five (5) members.

Section 2. An Annual Meeting shall be held between June 15 and August 15.  The Advisory Board will determine the exact date and time (Article VI, Section 5a below).

Section 3. Special meetings may be called either by the President or the Advisory Board.

Section 4. A notice of Special and Annual Meetings shall be delivered either personally, by mail, telephone, or email to each member.  In the case of a Special Meeting, the purpose for which the meeting is being called should be stated two weeks (14 days) before the meeting.

Article V -- Qualifications
Section 1. Officers shall be familiar with operations of the club.  They shall be elected by a simple majority of members present at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2. Advisory Board members shall belong to either the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) or the Model A Restorers Club (MARC), they may belong to both.

Article VI -- Officers and Committees
Section 1. Officers shall consist of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2. (a.) The President shall be the principal officer of the club and preside over all meetings of the members and the Advisory Board.
                   (b.) The Vice-President shall assist the President and perform all duties of the President in the absence of that officer.
                   (c.) The Treasurer shall receive all money and pay it out upon proper authority, keeping a record of all transactions.
                   (d.) The Secretary shall keep Minutes of regular, Special, and Annual meetings and conduct the club's correspondence.

Section 3. The President shall appoint all Regular and Special Committees.

Section 4. (a.)  A Membership Committee Chairperson shall be appointed to maintain a roster of members with mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, MAFCA and/or MARC membership numbers, and any other information deemed of interest, such as year and body style of members' car(s).
                   (b.) Dues status shall be maintained with the roster but does not have to be shared with the members; however, the rest of the roster should be readily available to all club members.  Members can request that certain personal information like mailing address or home phone numbers not be shared.
                   (c.) The Membership Chair and the Treasurer shall coordinate regularly to ensure the roster is up-to-date and that the status of dues payments is accurate (Article III, Section 3c above).
Section 5. A Finance Committee consisting of the Treasurer and three (3) members shall be appointed for an annual review of club financial records.

Section 6. A Bylaws Committee shall be appointed to review the club's bylaws every five (5) years.

Section 7. (a.) The Advisory Board will consist of the four (4) top elected officers, the Immediate Past-President, and two (2) "members-at-large" appointed by the President.  The 2 members-at-large will serve two (2) year terms and can be reappointed.
                   (b.) The Advisory Board shall manage and direct the affairs of the Club.
                   (c.) The Advisory Board shall appoint persons to fill vacancies among elected officers until the next Annual Meeting.
                   (d.) The Club may purchase insurance from one of the national clubs (MAFCA or MARC), or elsewhere on behalf of any person who is serving as officer, agent, or employee of the Club.

Section 8. An Events Committee (tours, car shows, etc.) chaired by the Vice-President shall be appointed.  Any members in good standing can serve on the Events Committee by suggesting one or more potential events.

 Article VII -- Parliamentary Authority
The rules of the current edition of "Robert's Rules of Order" shall govern the Club except when they are inconsistent with these bylaws.  Bylaws may be amended by 2/3 vote of members present, previous notice having been given.


Standing Rules
1. A Refreshments Committee will coordinate provision of refreshments for each meeting.
2. An Attendance Sheet shall be kept of each meeting and provided to the Secretary for the club records.
3. An Awards Committee shall facilitate nominations for and selection of an "Outstanding Member" to be named near the end of each year.  A member selected for the award shall be eligible again after three (3) years.

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